Texas Tiny Thunder 48×41.5 Skid


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This skid will fit in any compact truck.  It weighs approximately 450lbs dry and 1450 lbs with water and chemicals. The skid can be fully customized for your needs by contacting the store at 281-747-6070.
Lifan 24HP 8GPM $14,650 or GX690 8GPM $16,050
Aluminum Skid 48x.41.5 made from 3/16″ thick aluminum
Texas Tornado 14GPM 12V (60ft distance) using Remco pumps.
3/4” Proportioner with Asahi Metering Valves
12″ Hannay Manual Reel
12″ Hannay Manual Reel
18″ Hannay Manual Reel
55 gallon buffer tank
55 gallon chemical tank
200ft Pressure Hose 1 wire Fierce Jet
200ft 5/8 Soft Wash Hose Flex Tech
100ft 3/4” Flexzilla
GP Red Wash Down Gun
ST-2315 Suttner Pressure Gun
12 Gallon Gas Tank
Ladder Rack
Optional to link 55’s for 110 gallon buffer tank and use a smaller SH Tank (25 gallons or smaller)
GX690 8GPM add $1400
iGX390 5.5GPM subtract $850
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***This product takes 2 weeks to build from order date and then 5-7 business days for freight shipping.***


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