We build gas soft wash systems, air soft wash systems, and 12V soft wash systems.

This is our Texas Ranger Gas Soft Wash System powered by an AR45 or P40 Gas Soft Wash System. 12GPM and 290PSI.  Either system shoots an excess of 65ft and will clean 3 stories from the ground with ease. Attached is our high flow mixer with remote to turn off your SH and soap from behind a home or building. Includes manual 18″ Hannay Reel, 200ft of 5/8″ soft wash hose, GP Red Gun, DN15 Ball Valve and Quick Connects. 


Price as shown $6500 free shipping.

Gas Soft Wash System

This is our AR45 Gas Soft Wash System paired with a Honda GX200 pull start. 12GPM and 290PSI.  This system shoots an excess of 65ft and will clean 3 stories from the ground with ease.  Wash houses, rinse with it, wash roofs, and apply post treat all with this system. Comet P40’s availble as well.


*Call for Electric Start if available $2400*

Price $2200 and $200 Shipping

AR45 Honda GX200

High Flow Mixer with Remote

It doesn’t matter if you use 12V, Air, or a Gas soft wash system we recommend a 1″ mixer setup for water and SH. Anything else chokes the system down due to friction loss and fluid dynamics. We’ve also added a manual control to the box in case you lose both remotes on the job or the RF controller fails.

We warranty these mixers for 12 months. So if the remote dies we will replace it. If you loose a remote we can send two more for $30 + shipping and they’re easy to program. These units allow you to be behind a house and shut off the SH and soap with the push of a button. Our system also rinses the 3 way and SH valve when on rinse mode.


High Flow Mixer Only $1050

High Flow Mixer with Remote Control $1800

Remote Only $750