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This kit contains all the small things that can take your rig down on a job.  We carry one on each of our rigs and any experienced washer has their own kit they often put together themselves.

This saves you that time and time is money.

3/8″ Viton O-Rings (10 pack)
1/4″ Viton O-Rings (10 pack)
1/2″ Viton O-Rings (10 pack)
1/2″ FNPT Coupler
1/2″ MNPT Coupler
1/2″ FNPT Plug
1/2″ MNPT Plug
3/8″ FNPT Coupler
3/8″ MNPT Coupler
3/8″ FNPT Plug
3/8″ MNPT Plug
1/4″ FNPT Coupler
1/4″ MNPT Coupler
1/4″ FNPT Plug
1/4″ MNPT Plug
3/8″ Mosmatic Swivel
GP High Draw Injector
DN10 Ball Valve 3/8″
DN15 Ball Valve 1/2″
Hose Clamps 1/4″, 3/4″, 1″
Blue Monster Plumbers Tape
Locktie 242
Cleaning Tips
3/8″ Pressure Gauge


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