Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 16″ UC-6016HC





WW-UC6016HC Whisper Wash 16 inch Ultra Clean Surface Cleaner Ultra Clean is a 16 inch Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner. Designed with the signature rotary spray bar & swivel from Whisper Wash.


The cover is made out of durable ABS, while the handle is powder coated stainless steel, makes the Ultra Clean series ideal for industrial use.

Eliminate Zebra striping and get the job done the right way, and quick.



  • Standard spray bar nozzle sizes: 2502
  • Cleans 16 inches at once
  • Easy Transport & Storage
  • Portable Breakaway Handle
  • Quick Connection
  • Trigger Gun Controlled
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Hot & Cold Water Applications
  • Lightweight Floating Cover
  • Weighs only 15 Lbs
  • Smooth And Easy Cleaning Of Hard Surfaces
  • Floats above surface for stripe free cleaning
  • Great for driveways, floors, tile roofs, docks, tennis courts
  • Made By Whisper Wash, The Leader In Surface Cleaners
  • More affordable than commercial models
  • Same great engineering and quality
  • Can Be Used With Hot And Cold Water
  • Made for temperatures up to 185° F
  • Works With Many Pressure Washers
  • Needs at least 2000 PSI, maximum up to 5000 PSI
  • Needs a minimum of 3.5 gallons per minute, up to 6 GPM
  • 2 Inch Nylon Brush Around 19″ Rim
  • Keeps water on the floor, not on walls or clothes
  • 2 nozzle balanced spray bar
  • Powder Coated Frame & ABS Spray Cover
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Tough and lightweight, easy to transport.


The Ultra Clean Hover Cover is designed with Whisper Wash ®’s signature rotary spray system. Constructed with a resilient ABS housing and a powder coated handle the Ultra Clean is built tough for industrial use. With the Ultra Clean models, you can choose the right action to do the job.



Ultra Clean Handle Construction

The Ultra Clean’s handle is constructed of powder coated aluminum and features easy handling attributes including quick connection fittings and a trigger gun control. Equipped with industrial gauge hosing, the Ultra Clean has a handle design which is responsive to either the floating action of the Hover Cover model or the pivoting roll of the With Wheels model.


Ultra Clean HC View Up Close

The Ultra Clean HC is designed with a heavy-duty nylon brush that hovers over flat surfaces as the 1/4 meg tips rotate underneath. With the signature balanced and machined spray bar of all Whisper Wash® systems, you can be assured a smooth rotation resulting in an efficient floating action.


Ultra Clean HC Flip Up The Cover

Underneath the heavy-duty ABS plastic cover housing the spray bar is machined and balanced with two 1/4 meg tips. The superior rotation of the Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Spray System’s balanced spray bar ensures you smooth operation over flat surfaces every time!



  • 16″ ABS Housing
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Powder Coated Handle
  • 15 Lbs Total Weight
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Brush
  • Hot or Cold-Water Applications


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