2.1 Injector Bypass Kit


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Use this kit to bypass your injector for higher flow. Allows full performance of your pressure washer through the by-pass feature by eliminating the restriction of the chemical injector orifice.  Depending on your setup will may need to turn the ball valve around when installed at the hose reel making sure the injector flow is in the correct direction and the ball valve is facing you.

This Kit Includes:  (1) Steel Tee 3/8″ FPT x 3/8″ FPT x 3/8″ MPT (1) Steel Tee 3/8″ FPT x 3/8″ FPT x 3/8″ FPT (1) 6000 PSI 3/8″ x 2′ Whip Line (1) QC Socket 3/8″ MNPT S.S. (1) QC Plug 3/8″ MNPT S.S. (1) 3/8″ Ball Valve (1) 3/8″ NPTF Male x 3/8″ NPSM Swivel (1) GP 2.1 High Draw Chemical injector

NOTE: BALL VALVE, COUPLER AND PLUG Fittings are left loose so they can adjust as needed for your set up 


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