Drip Shield


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Drip Shield

Drip Shield is here! It’s a nano-bond chemical plant protection. You can protect flowers and plants from direct contact with 12.5% SH. It also protects plants from snap freezes for up to a month. It nourishes them while increasing moisture retention. $75 a gallon. Contact the store to order. Shipping available.

One gallon will cover 5-7 homes with average amount of landscaping and 2-3 homes with excessive landscaping. This product removes the need for tarps during roof washes or using strong mixes near delicate flowers or less hardy plants.

Apply with a pump sprayer, let dry 10-15 minutes, wash as normal. Ensure the root system is flushed well as this product is not a neutralizer. It’s a shield stopping chemical burn from contact.

Drip Shield-SDS

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