DIY 10GPM Gear Drive Combo

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Assemble your own 10GPM unit with just 8 bolts!  Four bolts attaching the engine to the skid  plate, and 4 bolts attaching the gearbox to the engine.  You’re now ready to go!


General Pump TSF2221 and General Pump B31 Gear Box 10GPM 3000PSI

Many people are looking for options to change their pump from a direct drive or a belt drive assembly to a gear box assembly.

A Gear Box Assembly is designed for you to install an alternative pump option for a motor you already have.

Our Gear Box Assembly is already put together for you to save time and confusion. Our team properly installs and packs the gear box assembly to ship directly to you!



VRT100 Green Spring 1/2 in Unloader


Max Flow 26.4 GPM

Max Temp 194°F

Connection 1/2″ FPT Inlet x Outlet & By-Pass


Aluminum 3/16″ Skid

Includes vibration reducer feet.

The CRX  750 engine provides the power you need for those tough commercial/industrial applications. Like all of the V-Twin engines from CRX, this model features full pressure lubrication, oil cooler and filter, heavy-duty muffler, advanced air filtration system and a 20A alternator.

Net Power 16.0 kW @ 3600 rpm

Net Torque 47 Nm @ 3000 rpm

Weight 109 lbs

Dimensions 20″ x 21″ x 18.5″

Warranty 3yr Commercial


  • Industrial tough mufflers and shields designed for improved sound quality and lower sound level
  • Commercial-style advanced element air filtration system helps maintain optimal power on dusty work sites
  • Cast iron cylinders decrease friction between mating parts as well as which helps keep the engine cool during extreme applications
  • Precision-machined, forged iron crankshaft designed for low vibration and toughness required for the most extreme duty cycles
  • Low oil auto-shutdown sensor prevents damage to the engine when oil volume is low
  • Oil filter and external oil cooler extends the life of the oil and prevents premature wear and tear on critical mechanical parts




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