5.5GPM Comet RW5535 with Gear Box Assembly B18


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Comet Pump Gear Box Made Ready 5.5 Gallons Per Minute. B18 is for a 1″ Shaft on a GX390 or Predator 420.

Many people are looking for options to change their pump from a direct drive or a belt drive assembly to a gear box assembly.

A Gear Box Assembly is designed for you to install an alternative pump option for a motor you already have. This also includes Predator Motor Builds.

Our Gear Box Assembly is already put together for you to save time and confusion. Our team properly installs and packs the gear box assembly to ship directly to you!

  • Warranty and Installation NOTICE!

    The Gear Box Assembly Kits from TPWS have the parts needed to correctly install the Pump and Gear Box to your motor. We have solved most of the confusion when buying a Gear Box from other suppliers. We have installed the gear box and the pump already for you. All you have to do is properly install the Gearbox Assembly to the motor crank shaft. Please ensure you choose the right gear box for your application.

    Pumps and Gear Box have oil in them and are ready to use! We recommend using STP Gear Oil 80w90 for the Gear box. STP 30w non Detergent for the pump.

    Installation Warranty:

    There is no warranty on improper installation of the gear box assembly. If you do not feel confident to install this on your own motor, we highly recommend taking it to a reputable service center to install it for you.

    Proper installation on these gear box assemblies is the most important thing you can do.

    Pump Warranty:

    Pumps come with the manufacturer warranty based on the pump you choose. Premium pumps from GP or Comet have a 5 year warranty on manufacturers defects.

Additional information

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